Staff Device Refresh

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What model laptop are staff getting for the device refresh?

Dell Latitude 5540 Laptop

How do I know if I am getting a new laptop?

Once I get my new laptop, can I hold onto my old laptop for a bit and turn it in later? 

Once you turn in your old laptop, you will receive a new laptop.  You will not be able to keep the old one.

What is the timeline for the staff device refresh?

Our goal is to have all campuses and teachers swapped by winter break, pending delivery dates.

What if I am not there on the day my campus does staff device refresh? 

We know things happen and may not be on campus the day we do laptop deployment. Not a problem! Put in a helpdesk ticket and we will contact you to setup a time to deploy your device.

Can I put stickers on my new laptop?

Do not put stickers on your new laptop.  A suggestion would be to order a clear sleeve and cover that with stickers.  

Can I keep/repurpose/buy my old laptop?

Unfortunately, no; all old devices will need to be turned in.  We are committed to reducing e-waste, which is a growing global problem.  We partner with Dell Technologies by using their Tech Refresh and Recycle program.  This program helps us optimize our technology lifecycle through a series of guarantees and assurances. 26% of Dell Tech returned gear is put toward manufacturing refurbishment, which is not only advancing sustainability but also controlling costs passed to customers.

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