VPN Access

  1. On your computer, open the Cisco AnyConnect App.

2. Once open, verify the server name is “vpn.nisdtx.org”

3. Once you click "connect" you will be prompted for DUO (Multifactor Authentication). You will then be prompted to "Yes, trust browser". If you already chose "remember for 30 days" you will not be prompted. for either option.

4. Once connected you will see the following prompt and asked to choose an account.

4. Once connected you can browse to portal.nisdtx.org and connect to eSchoolPlus just as though you were on our network.

5. To log out of the VPN right click on the CiscoVPN icon and select “Disconnect”

Once you are connected, you can open up a browser and proceed to your destination. Note: If you were already trying to connect to your destination before connecting to VPN, you will need to close out or refresh once you are connected.

If this does not work for you, please put in a helpdesk request here.