Digital Materials Purchasing

Resource Acquisition Steps

Digital Materials "make or break" questions for NISD employees
When establishing initial contact with a vendor or provider of a digital platform, digital textbook, digital materials, or other digital resource, these “make or break” questions will let you know if the resource can be used in NISD. Please familiarize yourself with these questions and be prepared to ask them of the vendor when initially considering a new product.

Does it require Java, Flash, or other plugins to function?

Is the resource compatible with the current district provided device?

  • Current NISD Provided Student Device = Dell Chromebook (Answer must be yes) It is essential to make sure that the product functions correctly with the Chrome OS if it will be used on student devices.

Is the vendor able to supply a list of IP addresses or Domain Names for whitelisting?

  • (Answer must be yes)

  • In order to comply with CIPA we use SSL decryption to filter web traffic. If the vendor is unable to provide us with filter requirements this resource will not function inside the district network. Please note we cannot blanket whitelist the following services: Amazon Web Services, Vimeo, Flickr, most Social Media sites

Will the vendor provide us with data privacy policies for review?

  • (Answer must be yes)

  • These are usually posted online at the vendor’s website. They should be able to provide them if asked.

Does it have single-sign-on functionality?

  • (Answer must be yes)

  • Examples of single-sign-on are Classlink (portal), Google, SAML, LTI, SSO weblink, etc.

Does it allow bulk onboarding of users via One Roster Standard?

  • (Answer must be yes)
    As digital materials become more common in education, we must move away from adding and monitoring users individually or via customized uploads of users. One Roster Standard onboarding allows for all users to be added and updated regularly and simultaneously with NISD systems.

Will the vendor sign a student Data Privacy Agreement?

  • (Answer must be yes)
    In order to ensure that Student Data is protected as is required by Federal Law, vendors will be required to review and sign the NISD DPA in order for us to use their product. Please send the vendor the current NISD DPA and ask them to review it, sign it, and return to the NISD Director of Instructional Technology via email.

Once these questions have been reviewed and the DSA signed by the vendor, NISD employees may proceed with vetting and procuring the resource if desired.