Technology Toolkit for Administrators

The purpose of this website is to provide information to support you as a campus administrator

Office Setup

How do I install a printer or copier?

Network Printers

Click here for instruction on how to install a network printer on your computer.

Canon Copiers:

uniFLOW SecurePrint is a “Find-Me” printer that will hold your print job until you go to a printer(Canon) to release it regardless of location.  “Find-Me” lets you go to any uniFLOW canon in the district to release your job.  Holding your job until you are there helps avoid waste, mix-ups, or privacy concerns.  This creates a more secure system for data, saves the district money with centralized printing costs, and is environmentally responsible by lowering our carbon footprint.

Click here for easy-to-follow instructions on how to print with uniFLOW. 

How do I change my office phone's voicemail message?

For principals, teachers, and staff:

If the campus voicemail only needs to be changed:

Student Discipline

How do I monitor browsing history for students at my campus using ContentKeeper?

ContentKeeper is the district's website filtering system for students. 

Access ContentKeeper by navigating to

Use the ContentKeeper Administrator Guide to:

*The items above will show up on the report, however, it doesn’t indicate that the student successfully browsed/viewed them.

How do I put a student on Chromebook Restricted Mode in order to limit their technology access?

As you navigate parent conversations, the goal is to provide the students with the least restrictive environment. All information regarding student devices can be found on our students device section of Northwest ISD website. If you need to move a student to restricted mode, please put in a helpdesk. Only principals and assistant principals can use these instructions to move students to restricted mode. If you are unable to put in a helpdesk, please reach out to x81000. 

Administrator on the Go

How do I view campus camera footage using Avigilon Control Center?

Avigilon is your campuses camera software.

To access video footage on your laptop:

To also access video footage on a phone or iPad

For additional assistance with this software please contact HelpDesk.

How do I make phone calls on-the-go using my district phone number from a personal cell phone?

Download the WebEx App!
Web Ex for making phone calls from your mobile app is ready! The end result is that you can take office calls on your cell phone using the Web Ex app. If you need to call a parent, but can’t be at your desk, this app is for you.
Go to your app store and download the app named “Webex”. This is NOT the Webex Meeting. Log in with your NISD credentials and you are ready to go.
Instructions for installing WebEx
Disclaimer:  Please know this is a supplemental tool and not intended to replace your desk phone. Additionally, the WebEx app is not intended for 911 calls.

 For additional assistance with this software please contact HelpDeskat 81000

How do I use a VPN to remotely access resources like eSchool Plus or  eFinance from home?

eSchool Plus (NOT Teacher Access Center) and eFinance are more secure products that require the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  If you need to access those sites, you can join the VPN by clicking here to see instructions.


Where can I find eSchoolPlus resources for Administrators?

Explore the Data Loop website for information, instructional videos, and documents for District Administrative Staff Member; this is designed to support campus administrators. Direct additional questions to the Data Services department.

What eSchool (Teacher Access Center) resources are available for Teachers?

Explore the TAC Resources website available at for attendance, gradebook, progress reports, report cards, and more!

Direct additional questions to the Data Services department.


How do I send emails to parents, staff, and students using ParentSquare?

ParentSquare is the district communication platform.

What do I need to know about my PA system, known as Informacast?

InformaCast is the product we use for campus based PA announcements both from an operational and a safety perspective. 

As a district, we have specific settings to ensure standard emergency processes.

District Standards for InformaCast

Informacast Tutorial

How do I adjust my Zoom settings to feel like a webinar?

As a licensed Zoom user you can still create a Zoom meeting for up to 300 people for an  unlimited time by changing the default settings for a “webinar feel”.  To successfully adjust these setting please review this resource

If a true webinar is needed, enter the details of your request here.

How do I report Phishing emails?

At times, malicious attacks or phishing emails come through that try to get information from employees by getting them to click on harmful links or attachments.  NIISD employees can watch this video to learn how to use the Mimecast menu to report phishing.

How do I share student data safely and securely?


How do I send and receive faxes?

NISD uses fax communication for a few business and medical purposes. Fax technology is received by way of email and goes to a shared inbox. The following roles have access to the shared fax inbox: receptionist, registrar, nurse, office manager, assistant principal or principal, diagnostician.


If you do not currently have access to send faxes, you can put in a helpdesk ticket, and we will grant access. The following roles will be granted access to campus fax inboxes - receptionist, registrar, office manager, assistant principal or principal, diagnostician.

To receive campus faxed messages:

To check incoming faxed messages, you need to check your campus/department’s shared fax inbox. Your shared fax will use the following nomenclature:,, If you are unsure what the inbox is named, call the NISD technology helpdesk at 81000.

To send campus faxed messages:

Step One: NISD outgoing faxes are sent from your email interface. Send an email addressed to the fax number with no formatting. For instance: where 817215000 is the number you are faxing. Please note that you cannot fax toll-free numbers. If you need to do so, please reach out to helpdesk at x81000.

When you send the faxed email, you will receive an email confirmation that says either success or failure. If it fails, it is usually because the fax machine at the destination end is busy or hangs up. 

Disclaimer: If you need further assistance, please contact the technical helpdesk at, 817-698-1000, or put in a ticket 

Purchasing Standards

What processes and standards should I follow when purchasing hardware, software, digital tools, or materials?

Can I Buy This? - Resource Purchasing Steps for NISD Staff  

When establishing initial contact with a vendor or provider of a digital platform, digital textbook, digital materials, or other digital resources, these “make or break” questions will let you know if the resource can be used in NISD.

We have a Technology Standards Page that will assist you in purchasing technology equipment.

Refer to the Technology Requisition Procedures infographic as a cheat sheet for purchasing procedures; this has also been shared with the campus office manager.

Campus-based Technology Support Staff

Who is my campus technician?

Identify your campus technician here.

Who is my campus instructional technologist?