Technology Toolkit for Administrators

The purpose of this website is to provide information to support you as a campus administrator.

How do I install and use Avigilon Control Center for video cameras?

Avigilon is your campuses camera software. Use these instructions for installing this software and use these instructions to learn how to use this software. For additional assistance with this software please contact HelpDesk.

How do I install WebEx?

Phone Calls on the Go!
Web Ex for making phone calls from your mobile app is ready! The end result is that you can take office calls on your cell phone using the Web Ex app. If you need to call a parent, but can’t be at your desk, this app is for you.
Go to your app store and download the app named “Webex”. This is NOT the Webex Meeting. Log in with your NISD credentials and you are ready to go.
Instructions for installing WebEx
Disclaimer: Please know this is a supplemental tool and not intended to replace your desk phone. Additionally, the WebEx app is not intended for 911 calls.

For additional assistance with this software please contact HelpDesk.

How do I increase security by signing up for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • MFA has already been enabled on all NISD employee accounts. Northwest ISD requires this to increase the security of your logins through enabling two-factor authentication using DUO. This modern access security is designed to safeguard all users, devices, and applications — so you can stay focused on what you do best. Go to MFA.NISDTX.ORG

  • Change your password on a regular basis using STRONG and VARIED passwords

  • Make sure your virus protection software is up-to-date

How do I share student data safely and securely?

  • All new files you create or upload into Google Drive are protected, encrypted for security, and only accessible by YOU as the default. Click here to learn how to share safely from Google Drive.

  • Northwest ISD has specified three classes below based on TEA recommended Categories: High Risk, Confidential, and PublicPolicy. Click here to review classifications.

How do I use a VPN to remotely access recources like eSchool Plus or eFinance from home?

eSchool Plus (NOT Teacher Access Center) and eFinance are more secure products that require the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you need to access those sites, you can join the VPN by clicking here to see instructions.

How do I change my voicemail message?

For principals, teachers, and staff:

  1. Dial your district phone number.

  2. Once your voicemail picks up press *

  3. You will hear “Enter your ID (extension of your district phone) Followed by #”

  4. You will hear “Enter your pin followed by #”

  5. Press 2 to access your mailbox

  6. At this point you have accessed your mailbox. Go ahead and press # followed by a * to cancel the submenu

  7. Press 4 for setup options. At this point you will hear the option to change your voicemail greeting

If the campus voicemail only needs to be changed:

  1. Campus principal sends an audio recording to

How do I install a network printer?

Click here for instruction on how to install a network printer on your computer.

How do I use ContentKeeper?

Use the ContentKeeper Administrator Guide to:

  • View student browsing history and print out individual reports

  • View blocked sites that students have tried to browse*

  • See usage trends for your campus

  • See “top” sites in multiple categories

*The items above will show up on the report, however, it doesn’t indicate that the student successfully browsed/viewed them.

How do I create Chromebook and email restrictions for students?

As you navigate parent conversations, the goal is to provide the students with the least restrictive environment. All information regarding student devices can be found on our students device section of Northwest ISD website. If you need to move a student to restricted mode, please put in a helpdesk. Only principals and assistant principals can use these instructions to move students to restricted mode. If you are unable to put in a helpdesk, please reach out to x81000.

How do I use the PA System, also known as Informacast?

InformaCast Fusion is cloud-based, on-premises and mobile device notification system that allows you to send messages comprised of text, audio, images, and confirmations to your defined recipients. Recipients are any combination of individual users, anonymous users, applications, Cisco IP phones, IP speakers, and computers running the InformaCast Desktop Notifier.

Informacast Tutorial

How do I adjust my Zoom settings to feel like a webinar?

As a licensed Zoom user you can still create a Zoom meeting for up to 300 people for an unlimited time by changing the default settings for a “webinar feel”. To successfully adjust these setting please review this resource.

How do I report Phishing emails?

At times malicious attacks or phishing emails come through that try to get information from employees by getting them to click on harmful links or attachments. NIISD employees can watch this video to learn how to use the Mimecast menu to report phishing.

What processes and standards should I follow when purchasing hardware, software, digital tools, or materials?

Can I Buy This? - Resource Purchasing Steps for NISD Staff

When establishing initial contact with a vendor or provider of a digital platform, digital textbook, digital materials, or other digital resources, these “make or break” questions will let you know if the resource can be used in NISD.

We have a Technology Standards Page that will assist you in purchasing technology equipment.

Technology Requisition Procedures