Technology Offboarding Checklist

The purpose of this page is to provide information about getting your classroom, campus, and devices ready prior to leaving the district.

ALL Non-Returning Staff/Teachers

    • Below are three documents with technology offboarding instructions designed to help you properly share, transfer, or preserve Google Drive contents. If you are leaving the district, please use them accordingly:

    • Submit current quarter report card grades (Instructions) Teacher Access center Resources

    • Turn in your technology devices to the designated place or your front office and confirm with your administrator on duty. For a list of devices checked out to your name, you can get this from your office manager, campus librarian, or from HelpDesk (817-698-1000).

    • If you have a passcode on your iPad, PLEASE remove it or leave it on a post-it note with the device.

    • Please remove Apple ID from the iPad or leave the password on a post-it note with the device.

    • Store remote control, cables, and cords in a gallon Ziploc bag in the closet of your classroom.

    • All phones must be left plugged in and not moved. If there is a reason to relocate the phone, create a helpdesk request so that technology can move it.

      • If your floors are being replaced or there is construction in your building during the summer, you will receive instructions from your principal/office manager.

    • Any additional technology equipment that has been checked out during the year should be turned into the tech room at secondary campuses and to the library at elementary campuses.

    • Create a helpdesk request for any technical issues that need to be addressed during the summer. For example: Projector issues, sound issues, etc.

Elementary Non-Returning Staff/ Teachers

    • Place assigned Chromebooks in Chromebook towers for the students in your classroom

    • Lock Chromebook tower.

    • Include Chromebook tower keys when turning in room keys to your front office.

    • Return all chargers that are not connected to the tower to the library including partial chargers.

    • Return any extra Chromebooks not in the tower to the library.

    • Return any student hotspots to the library.

    • Do not reset or archive Seesaw or Google Classroom courses. Due to remote learning and the possible need to access these courses and assignments over the summer, please refrain from doing this.

    • Make sure all classroom devices have personal stickers removed and devices have been sanitized properly.

      • What can be used to clean the Chromebook?

        • Lysol/Clorox Wipes - all surfaces

        • GooGone/Adhesive remover or Hand Sanitizer- exterior for removal of non-NISD provided stickers/labels (do not use on the device screen)

        • Disinfectant Spray - all surfaces

        • Dry Erase marker to remove permanent marker

        • Update the ChromeOS on the Chromebooks and ensure they are shut down for the summer.

Secondary Non-Returning Staff/ Teachers

    • Return unassigned chargers to the tech room.

    • Return unassigned Chromebooks to the tech room.

    • Return any unassigned student hotspots to the tech room.

    • Do not reset or archive Moodle or Google Classroom courses.

If you have a question that is not included in this FAQ or need additional help, please submit a HelpDesk request here.

Click here to submit a HelpDesk ticket or you can call HelpDesk at 817-698-1000